Tooth Extraction


A tooth extraction is required when a tooth cannot be restored or salvaged. This is typically the case when the tooth has suffered from severe decay or severe damage, like the tooth breaking. If a tooth cannot be salvaged through a dental filling, dental crown, or root canal, then an extraction is necessary.

In the event that the tooth must be removed for any reason, it can be replaced with a dental implant or dental bridge. These options ensure that the smile remains beautiful and that the oral functions, like speaking and chewing, remain intact.

Sometimes teeth do not need to be replaced. This would primarily be wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth can be a real hassle for some patients. These teeth are located in the very back corners of the mouth. They can often grow out of place, making it difficult to speak or chew because they collide with each other. Also, since they are in the far reaches of the mouth, it may be difficult to brush and floss them properly. It is often recommended to have these removed before they begin causing problems.


At Alliance Surgical Center in Houston, we understand how hesitant dental patients can be about tooth extractions. This is oral surgery and requires time for the area to heal after the procedure. We want to help make sure this procedure is simple and painless.

Our surgical facilities in Houston allow patients to receive oral or IV sedation, which puts them to sleep during a tooth extraction. The entire process includes the shots needed to numb the tooth and gums, the pulling of the tooth, and the covering up of the surgical area to help with the bleeding.


The dentists that use our surgical facility in Houston are highly trained and experienced to ensure that every dental procedure goes smoothly. If you or your family member needs an oral extraction, but is nervous about the procedure, contact Alliance Surgical Center today. Our facility provides the sedation needed to avoid every aspect of the entire procedure and wake up fully restored.