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There are plenty of dental patients who are hesitant about anything dental related, including dental fillings. Dental fillings are the most common dental procedure conducted within dentistry. Despite its commonality, placing dental fillings inside of teeth can prove too much for patients. This is why Alliance Surgical Center is open to dentists who need to utilize our facility to use our oral or IV sedation dentistry for nervous patients.

The reason dental fillings are necessary can be due to varying reasons. If teeth become chipped, broken, or experience cavities, these fillings are placed in order to fully restore the tooth to its original strength and size.

Why Alliance Surgical Center For Dental Fillings?

During the procedure, the nerves in the area of the tooth must be deadened in order to avoid any pain in the process of placing these fillings. For some patients, the thought of receiving a shot in their gums creates a sense of uncertainty and nervousness. At our Houston surgical facility, we want every person who walks through our doors to be relaxed in knowing they will feel no pain at all.

Before having the cavities removed and replaced with fillings, the dentist will provide oral or IV sedation to relax the patient. Once the patient is asleep, the shot to deaden the area will be placed and then the dentist will continue with the procedure.

Dental fillings are typically used when cavities aren’t very deep. Cavities that are deep into the tooth and begin affecting the root commonly require a root canal. If the cavity isn’t too deep but is widespread requiring much of the tooth to be shaved away to remove the decay, a dental crown will need to be used.