Alliance Surgical Center for Dentists

We understand, as dentists, some cases can be difficult. ASC is here to assist and partner with you to handle these cases.

  • ASC - Ambulatory Surgical Center designed for Full General Anesthesia Sedation
  • Specialists & Dentists Focused on Patient
  • New State-of-the-Art Facility and Equipment
  • Caring Professional Staff
  • Personal Referral Service with our Executive Relations Manager
  • Locally & Privately Operated

Alliance Warranty Plan

  • 100% Satisfaction to the referring dentist and dental team
  • Post treatment report of dental work
  • 24 hr turnaround to any questions including weekends
  • Warranty for dental work

Referral partners are kept informed of all treatment completed at our facility.

We practice the golden rule to provide peace of mind for the dentist, patients and parents. Patients are educated on dental decay prevention, hygiene and all dental treatment performed.


The dentists that use our surgical facility in Houston are highly trained and experienced to ensure that every dental procedure goes smoothly. If you or your family member needs an oral extraction, but is nervous about the procedure, contact Alliance Surgical Center today. Our facility provides the sedation needed to avoid every aspect of the entire procedure and wake up fully restored.