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Alliance Surgical Center is composed of a highly qualified team of local dental and medical professionals. Since ASC first launched in 2015, we have established an esteemed network of healthcare providers to perform outpatient procedures at our state-of-the-art facilities. Each physician is a respected member of the medical community and upholds our high performance standards. We are proud to be the home for many Houston doctors to conduct their complex procedures—from sedation techniques and dental surgery to spinal surgery and joint and tendon therapies.

To learn how you can take advantage of our facilities and experienced surgical team, feel free to read through the sections below.

Refer a Patient

If you have a patient needing an outpatient procedure that requires more advanced surgical resources, our team at ASC is happy to help. Visit the page below to fill out our referral form, and we will be in touch.

Refer a Patient Referral Form

Our Focus

We understand, as dentists, that some patient cases can be more difficult. Alliance Surgical Center is here to assist and partner with you to handle these cases. Operating out of accredited surgical facilities, our team is committed to providing a safe, convenient, and comfortable environment for doctors and patients alike. When you choose ASC, you can expect the following:

Our mission has been to create highly advanced surgical centers that provide a more financially convenient setting for patients and doctors. The ASC facilities allow for surgery to be performed in a safe setting that has been fully equipped with the latest medical technology. Our centers actually
exceed hospital-grade standards—without the costs associated with using a major hospital.

Our Partner Guarantee

Referral partners send their patients with the knowledge that they will receive exceptional care from our team of dentists, surgeons, pain specialists, and other professionals. Alliance Surgical Center is proud to offer every individual the best experience possible, and when you become one of our partners, we can guarantee you will receive the following:

In addition to providing these services, our partners can except their patients to be thoroughly educated on what their treatment will involve and how they can protect their health for the future.

Become a Partner

Interested in becoming a partner of Alliance Surgical Center? Visit the page below to fill out our partner form. Provide your practice name and personal details, and our team will get back to you with more information.

Become a Partner